Azbane Argan Beard Oil – Cedarwood & Nutmeg
October 1, 2016
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Azbane – Moroccan Argan Beard Conditioning Oil


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Brings soft beard and skin to the sophisticated beard aficionado. To craft this little mix of softness, we used a formula of eight different oils, including argan oil, avocado oil, cactus oil and jojoba oil so you get the best results, even from small doses.

This essential oil provides the best possible nourishing care for any type of beard, no matter the length or coarseness. It can be used in daily beard grooming and skincare without the need for any other products such as conditioners. The oil moisturizes and nourishes both beard and skin and calms your irritated skin right when you apply.

The oil gives off a rich, pleasant orange bloom scent while it works to keep you skin clean. Azbane beard oils are made from naturally occurring oils to provide an organic, grease free and easy to manage finish to beards of all shapes, sizes, lengths and thicknesses.

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