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Scruffy beards are a great way to show off an unshaven, rugged look to the world and display a truly manly look to everyone you encounter. Scruffy beards are the perfect accessory for so many men and a great way to style your facial hair if you like the slightly rough and unkempt look – and trust us, the ladies love this look too.

Scruffy beards are not the ideal look for everyone, but for many men, it is the perfect way to be able to express yourself and your personality through your facial hair the same way you can with your clothing choices and other aspects of your appearance.

What is a Scruffy Beard?

A scruffy beard is a manly looking beard around your face that gives off an unkempt, rugged look that looks great on any man in search of a beard style that will make him look rough, tough, and attractive.

An extremely versatile beard style, there are so many ways to make this beard style work, which makes it a choice that can suit nearly any man looking to accomplish this look.

Scruffy beards are a popular beard option, and you can see them everywhere in daily life as you go around and find others sporting this striking facial accessory. If you’re looking for a way to take your wild and unshaven look to the next level, then a scruffy beard is the ideal option for you.

In addition to being a notable fashion statement, scruffy beards are also ideal for those who want a stylish beard but who have trouble growing full and luxurious facial hair or who have their beards growing in patchy. If this describes you, then a scruffy beard might be exactly what you need to top off your perfect look.

How Long Does It Take to Have a Scruffy Beard?

While you might be trying to create an effortlessly manly and attractive look, that does not mean that you don’t need to put any effort into the venture at all.

While scruffy beards do not require as much grooming and effort as other popular beard styles, they do still take a bit of effort to grow and maintain, as any beard would.

If you’re wondering how long it will take for you to grow your scruffy beard and show it off in its full glory, then that would depend on how long you are hoping to have it.

Scruffy beards tend to be on the shorter side of the beard spectrum, and beard hair tends to grow at an average rate of about a half-inchper month – this, of course, varies between individuals depending on your personal genetics.


Scruffy beards tend to be about 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch on average, but this can vary widely depending on your personal preference.

You can have yours shorter or longer if you like and still sport the great look of a scruffy beard without conforming to this length range. If you do want to stay within this range though, you could typically expect to have your facial hair long enough after about two months.

How to Style a Scruffy Beard

First, before you attempt to style your new scruffy beard to perfection, you are going to want to ensure that you have the proper tools on hand.

All you need is a simple pair of clippers and a beard comb, and any beard care products you’d like to use in the styling process, such as beard oil or beard balm.

Adjust your clippers to the highest setting so you don’t accidentally trim off too much and end up with your beard shorter than you were hoping for it to be.

Start at the base of your neck and trim upwards toward your chin. Remember to always overlap the last area trimmed to guarantee that the beard length stays consistent.

If you are trying to sport a scruffy beard as your facial hair style of choice, make sure to do your best to keep your neck cleaned up to make your scruffy beard look as manly and rugged as possible, for a look that everyone you encounter will absolutely love.

Famous Scruffy Beards

Many celebrities have even made it big while sporting the trademark scruffy beard. The look has been featured on the red carpet countless times and has garnered attention as the mark of a true manly man in many cases. Here are some famous faces sporting their noteworthy scruffy beards:

You can see Ryan Gosling featuring his sexy, scruffy beard that makes the ladies go crazy over him. He keeps his beard short and unkempt, with his neck hair unshaven for a manly touch. This look gives Ryan Gosling an effortlessly rugged style that makes him extremely beloved by all.

Best known for his role as Thor, Chris Hemsworth is a recognizable face for most people—and almost as equally recognizable is the scruffy beard he shows off. His smoldering look paired with his rough beard is undoubtedly part of what helped him during his rise to fame.

Chris Hemsworth keeps his scruffy beard on the shorter side, and he also keeps his neck clean-shaven for a more clean-cut look that offers all the manly, effortless attractiveness without the same unkempt appearance.

Singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, and – of course – famous scruffy beard owner. Usher has one of the most recognizable scruffy beards of the famous names out there. He can be seen here giving the popular style his one unique twist on the scruffy beard by using it to frame and accentuate his face.

For a versatile beard style that looks stunning on nearly anyone, the scruffy beard accomplishes an effortlessly gorgeous look for nearly anyone looking to find the right beard style to complement their face with minimal effort.

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